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NEW SHOW!! Super Power Panto

Super Power Panto is a family show that comes to you flying off the pages of a giant tactile comic book set, featuring a host of fun packed characters who need your help to save the day!

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Spaced Out Christmas (ON TOUR 2023)

Curious Aliens, Zork and Zindy have decided to travel to Earth so they can try to understand what the SPIRIT of Christmas is? They meet The Wise Owl, who teaches them about making Christmas Cards and Mrs. Claus who teaches them about the festive foods we eat decorations and trimming the tree… but what is the Spirit of Christmas? Book this show and find out!Laugh out loud live theatre for children. We bring this original interactive show to you!

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Christmas in the Jungle

Dr Fattenborough has gone on an adventure to find some rare and mysterious creatures that she can bring back to The London Zoo. However after meeting Zeena Zebra, the Cheeky Monkeys and Tilly the Tiger she realises that animals can be studied and cherished in their own habitat. As the humans and the animals get to know each other they decide that this year they will all celebrate Christmas in the Jungle together. Perfect for children aged 2-12yrs Touring primary schools, academies, nurseries, hospitals, private and corporate events.

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A Pirate Adventure

Bring pirate fun to your school or corporate day out. Admiral Fish and Chips, his parrot, are plotting to steal some treasure from the Natural History Museum in London! What could they be after? Good pirate, Hardy Har Har, can foil their plans, but she needs your help!‍

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Christmas Under the Sea

An all singing, all dancing eco show that helps us discuss how to cleanup the plastic in our oceans! Children are excited to meet Dolly & Phin, Terrence the turtle and all the sea creatures while learning how to protect our seas in this interactive theatrical experience for all the family. Watch out for Octavia, she’s an octopus with an attitude and she has been trying to spoil the Christmas pageant since 2019.

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Ice Capade

We bring the show to you! Why is all the ice melting in the Arctic? There is a disgruntled giant polar bear seen fishing and we meet Nelly the narwhal who is very upset about the rising temperatures And wait a minute - did I just see a penguin?! This eco show is an educational, laugh out loud interactive Pantomime experience for the entire family. A new show that was performed for hundreds of primary school children and their families at the Oval Arts Depot in 2021. Ice Capade will be on tour in November-December 2022

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